Monday, May 6, 2013

Garden Report 2013.05.06

Panorama of the garden.  
Mowed the grass/weeds/feral plants around the garden today and discovered that cilantro is as persistent a weed as parsley.  It was all over the garden space.  Hopefully that means that I won't have to plant it again and they both provide the bonus of a wonderful fragrance especially when mowed down!

The lettuce is basically done.  A few leaves can still be picked and the bed needs to be cleaned out.

All the garlic was pulled yesterday.  For a crop not recommended for this area, it did very well.   Our winters are not considered cold enough for good garlic bulb formation.  But last winter was very mild and it appears to have done fine.  So, more garlic for cooking!

Herb bed.  Sage, Thyme, Oregano & Parsley.
Squash, watermelon vine (not visible),
dill and marigold in foreground. 

Tomatoes are growing, blooming and setting fruit.  Temperatures continue to see-saw but no apparent problems.  Pleased with the ollas.  (Ollas explained here)  Water required to keep the bed moist is much less than using above ground watering.

Cucumbers are slow getting started but are growing.  Think they need some real warm weather.
Blackberries are starting to ripen.

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