Monday, May 6, 2013

Garden Report 2013.05.06

Panorama of the garden.  
Mowed the grass/weeds/feral plants around the garden today and discovered that cilantro is as persistent a weed as parsley.  It was all over the garden space.  Hopefully that means that I won't have to plant it again and they both provide the bonus of a wonderful fragrance especially when mowed down!

The lettuce is basically done.  A few leaves can still be picked and the bed needs to be cleaned out.

All the garlic was pulled yesterday.  For a crop not recommended for this area, it did very well.   Our winters are not considered cold enough for good garlic bulb formation.  But last winter was very mild and it appears to have done fine.  So, more garlic for cooking!

Herb bed.  Sage, Thyme, Oregano & Parsley.
Squash, watermelon vine (not visible),
dill and marigold in foreground. 

Tomatoes are growing, blooming and setting fruit.  Temperatures continue to see-saw but no apparent problems.  Pleased with the ollas.  (Ollas explained here)  Water required to keep the bed moist is much less than using above ground watering.

Cucumbers are slow getting started but are growing.  Think they need some real warm weather.
Blackberries are starting to ripen.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garden Report 2013.04.23

Lettuce is nearly finished.  Starting to bolt as the temperatures increase. 

Dug one of the garlic bulbs because there were small cloves starting to form on the stalk/neck.  My research tells me that there is no harm in the cloves forming in the neck.  I was very pleasantly surprised with the size of the underground clove and will leave the rest in the ground for a while longer.

Cut the first artichoke and discovered that there are 3 more small ones forming on the plant.  This is the first experience growing artichokes.  My advice so far, feed heavily.

Tomatoes and peppers are blooming and setting fruit.

Just love finding these guys, swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.  They are so bright and colorful. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Garden Report 2013.04.14

Tomatoes and Peppers are growing and blooming in spite of the crazy temperature swings over the last month.
Overnight frost protection has been required for 5 nights since they were put in the ground but no apparent damage from the cold nights.  Offset those nights with highs that have already reached 90.   Crazy.  

DS Ollas are performing well.  The ground is staying moist.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they will be up to the task of real Texas heat when it arrives.  

Lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce.   So fresh and flavorful.

Radishes are finished and garlic is showing signs of being almost ready to pull.

Two varieties of Garlic

Cucumbers, watermelon, squash and flowers have all sprouted but are still very small.

Blackberries are blooming.

Blessed with rain over the last few weeks so the landscape is green for now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Garden Report 2013.03.13

Currently producing includes lettuce, green onions, asparagus and radishes.  Lots and lots of lettuce.

Tomato plants required protection for two nights this week with lows in the mid 30s but they made it safely and now the temperatures are rising.

Sprouted or transplanted:  garlic, tomatoes, peppers,  carrots and leeks.

Cucumbers are not up yet.

Planted the remaining garden today.  Zucchini (3 varieties), tomatillos,  watermelon and several flower varieties.  Never had any luck with melons.  I think the soil is too alkaline and too heavy but will try one more time.

Fig tree and blackberries are leafing out, pear trees are blooming.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Garden Report 2013.03.07

Planted tomato bed with olla.

Today was the day.

Put tomatoes and peppers out in the garden. (Old pots with bottom removed are placed around newly set out plants to protect them from the wind.)

 Also planted cucumbers seed.

Trying something new this year.  Ollas, unglazed ceramic pots that are buried and filled with water.  Kind of pricey so I only bought two large ones to try out this year.  More info available here - wiki entry and local vendor.


Much blooming underway.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Garden Report 2013.02.15

Haven't been here in a very long time but spring is coming.

I was headed to the garden today to take a picture of the leaf lettuce.

Camera in hand.  

As I passed the redbud tree, I realized there was a pretty goldfinch sitting on one of branches. And then he was gone. 
Missed opportunity but here are a few of the current sights. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Report 2012.05.25 and Sage Discussion

Garden continues happily but more rain is needed soon.  Temperatures in the upper 80°/90° are drying out the soil quickly.
Tomatoes large and small are ripening.
Clockwise from center top:  Cherokee Purple, Grape Tomato, Golden Jubilee, Black Cherry, Sun Gold and Bradley.
Picked the first cucumber.
Picking squash, both yellow and zucchini, regularly.
Blueberries continue to produce.
Green beans are blooming again.  
Watching the figs but they are not ripe yet.

My cousin, who lives in the UK, and I were discussing sage today.  So here are pictures of my sage for comparison with the English varieties.

First, the cooking herb version of sage from the garden.

And the Silverado Sage shrub that is purported to predict coming rain when it blooms.