Saturday, January 21, 2012

First 2012 Happenings

Lesser Goldfinch
2012 is starting much like 2011 ended, warm and dry. So far January's rain came on the 8th/9th totaling almost 1".   High temperatures have been running in the 60°'s and 70°'s with even one day reaching 80°.

Outdoor time has been spent raking post oak leaves, cleaning out flower beds and putting down new mulch.

Parsley is coming up everywhere in the garden.  It must be considered an invasive.
Green onions from seed are growing but slowly due to the lack of moisture.
Lettuce is also maturing slowly but some young leaves are ready to be cut and used in a salad.

My gardening goal for 2012: 
Plant more Flowers in the garden/beds this year.
New mulch in beds
Mt. Laurel pest