Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Update

Grape Tomatoes
Pear Tomatoes
The heat of April has resulted in a real growth spurt in the garden.  Everything is growing but we still need rain. 

Grape tomatoes have set on in great numbers, as well as the yellow pear tomatoes both pictured at the right.  So far there has been very little tomato worm activity and the birds are not bothering the fruit.

The blackberries have started to turn but the crop will be limited and most individual berries are small.

A few precious figs on the small tree and pears on both trees.

Early May, I started pulling onions, and picking cucumbers, snow peas and spinach. 
First ripe tomato, small cherry type, was picked May 10th.

First 2011 Tomato
Mid month, started to harvest green beans and first white eggplant which were mild and delicious.

Also picked 2 acorn squash.  I know it's the wrong season but they were from a volunteer plant.
Mid May Harvest

Cucumbers continue and tomato harvest is starting to gather momentum.  However, I am having a significant problem with blossom end rot this year.  The problems are mostly in the heirloom varieties but a few of the hybrids are also affected.   In spite of the fruit with blemishes, we are still getting lots of tomatoes.  The "Cherokee Purple" variety is now my favorite, such a nice flavor. 

In the last weeks of May, getting just enough blackberries for breakfast the next morning with yogurt.  Sadly, no cobblers this year.
This appears to be the peak for the green beans.  Eating them often and froze 3 quarts last week.

And finally, a sample of the flowers blooming around the yard and garden in May. 

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