Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Chair DONE

Finally, two years later, another chair has been refinished and caned.   2 down, 4 more to go. 

Caning took 3 weeks to complete but I didn't work on it everyday.  There were are number of days during the last 3 weeks spent waiting at a surgical clinic, doctor's or therapist's office due to my husband's bicycle crash.   He is on the mend and looking forward to riding again.....yeah me too.

Left - Ready for caning
Center Top - Work in Progress
Center Bottom - Finished
Right - Me with Finished Chair

1 comment:

  1. Today, November 8th, I finished caning the 2nd chair that needed to be finished before Thanksgiving 2011. A total of 3 chairs complete with 3 remaining.

    I kept track of my time on the last chair and caning took 19 hours. I am sure that professionals can work more quickly but it's a slow task for me.